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Fruit Kvass (non-dairy)

Craving4Health Fruit Kvass (Non-Dairy)

1 quart

Kvass is a traditional fermented drink that originated from Eastern Europe.  Typical kvass recipes include raw beets and whey as a starter.  This recipe uses fruit and a kombucha starter to create a light and tasty gut-beneficial beverage. 


* I use organic ingredients whenever possible.


1 apple, washed and chopped

1 handful of organic frozen berries

½ cup low-sugar kombucha (i.e., GT’s Original)

1 inch of fresh ginger, sliced

Purified water to fill jar

1 quart wide-mouth glass jar with lid, cleaned well




Always wash hands and all kitchen tools well before working with raw produce for fermentation. 


Place the ingredients (fruit and kombucha starter) in a 1 quart wide-mouth glass jar. Fill the jar with filtered water, leaving ½-1-inch space from the top. Seal tightly. 


Gently shake the jar at least once daily to ensure that the floating fruit is remixed. 


Ferment for approximately 4-6 days in a cabinet or area of the kitchen without direct sunlight. Fermentation time depends on desired taste and room temperature, with colder days requiring longer fermentation. The final drink should be tart and slightly bubbly when shaken. 


Carefully remove the fruit, then sift and transfer the remaining liquid to glass containers (I re-use kombucha bottles). Store in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.


Save ½ cup of the fermented kvass to re-start the next batch, then repeat the recipe with the same or a different fruit mixture. 


To make a half gallon, multiply the recipe by 2; to make a full gallon, multiply the recipe by 4.


Variations: Add other fruits such as frozen mango or mandarin orange slices (with rinds removed to minimize bitterness). Add fresh, sliced turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Traditional recipe modified by Laura Farnsworth, MS, CNS