Laura Farnsworth, MS, CNS®, CN

Certified & Licensed Functional Nutritionist

Office or Telehealth, by appointment only:

29970 Technology Drive, Suite 105D

Murrieta, California 92563

(951) 428-4116  or Email

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Session Expectations

What you can expect during nutrition counseling:

  • Food-as-medicine and a food-first approach

  • Customized nutrition and lifestyle interventions

  • Evidence-based recommendations

  • Focus on root causes rather than symptoms alone

  • Integration of lifestyle factors and beliefs

  • Empathy and non-judgment

  • Respect for your perspective and inner wisdom

  • Involvement in the goal planning process

  • Accountability and subtle challenges

  • Progress towards sustainable change

What you will not experience:

  • Pre-packaged plans or quick fixes

  • Algorithm-based assessments

  • Apathy or disinterest in your success

  • Supplement-only recommendations

  • Alignment with a specific product or service, contributing to conflicts of interest